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Ceramics and teaching has been a life long endeavor for me. I have a passion for working with special needs students – having taught art at the Monarch School, River School, Caroline School in Houston. Graduating from University of Houston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I’ve operated my ceramic design company, Blue Domino, since 1999. My specialties are majolica style glazing, hand-built tableware, and slip casting. My dream is to have my own cartoon on Adult Swim.


As a child visiting Marshall Pottery in northeast Texas, I became enamored with sculpture and hand building. I graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture with a concentration in ceramics. I’ve given lectures and workshops on kiln firing, glazing and other topics in ceramics for many Houston-area school districts and for higher-learning institutions such as the Glassell School of Art. My specialties include hand-building, sculpture, mold making, and kiln firing. My dream is to win tickets to The Antiques Roadshow and show off my awesome Krampus postcard collection.


We’ve come across just about every clay related challenge out there. We both share a passion for troubleshooting and helping artists and teachers succeed with their projects.

If you’re in need of ceramic expertise, or you’re a talent agent at Adult Swim, or you have Krampus postcards to sell (pre-1950’s only, please) contact us using the form found here.

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