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5 Ways to Prevent Explosions in Your Kiln

  It happens to everyone. A piece of greenware blows up, sending ceramic shards flying everywhere. You’re lucky if the explosion doesn’t take down other pieces in the process. A waste of clay and hard work… and tons of fun to clean up. But why do pieces explode in the …

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How to Safely Vent Your Kiln Room

How to Safely Vent Your Kiln Room Kiln room ventilation and safety is common concern for artists and instructors. And for good reason- kilns emit gases that irritate the lungs. Depending on what you are firing, a kiln firing can produce toxic fumes or disperse heavy metals into the room. …

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Quick and Dirty Guide to Firing Ranges

We could say a lot about firing ranges. Within each range there’s a whole gamut of surface effects and utilitarian properties. But for those in a hurry, here’s a quick run down of the three main firing ranges. Low Fire / Cone 03-06 (1745°F to 2012°F). The most common form …

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